Tour: The Suite

I doubted putting my bedroom up here because it’s my personal space. Just for me and so much so that my kids are technically not allowed up here. But because I love it and a tour of my house is not complete without the top third and the reason I picked this house above the others viewed, I figured why the heck not?

This space, minus having a free-standing bath, is pretty nigh on my dream bedroom. I love it, cherish it (really I scrub every little stain on my white carpeting like I’m being graded) and can’t wait to get back to it. It’s my office, dressing area, display area, work-out room and sleeping space. And because, yes size does count, it’s my biggest bedroom ever and so all those functions don’t feel claustrophobic. Sleeping in the eaves gives me a snuggled in feel and is ideal for free spirited living (wink)Plus with the deep windowsills it gives me so many little vignettes to display my treasures. And while a drastic clean-out has seen my shoe collection shrink, I still have plenty of favourites to display and no one else sensibilities to please. So out came the heels, because what’s a girly space without shoes? I took these pictures on the only dreary day in weeks, opened up the windows and fell in love..again. This is my master suite and I flipping love it, full stop!

P.S. Did you spot the odd man out? I added an extra 50 cm to my wardrobe and so the door and handle don't match. Changing that out and getting a super cheeky print from Therese Sennerholt are the only things left on the to-do/want list for this space.

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