The Girl with the golden bike

Forgive me the wink to one of my absolute favourite James Bond movies but I love, love, love James Bond. And I now love, love, Love Martone bikes. Sure, there are several cool, modern, minimal bike companies out there. But this, this is the first golden bike I have seen. In one go, this bike has cured me of my dislike of gold. The detailing is also amazing. The red chain, the integrated basket, the weaving on the handles. one true bike love.

This bike is also minimal maintenance and best of all no shifting! As a late biker, I still have a thing about shifting, so how great is it that this bike does it for you?

Plus no need to fret if you don't like gold. Martone has more scrumptious colour options. I love the pure white and stunning red almost as much as the gold. The other colours are no shrinking violets either. These bikes rock!

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