Tour: the showhouse

I have been living in my new home for two and a half months. A work in progress, even now as I just removed the last dust cap and like most still have to finish the baseboards. But for me far enough to show you my living space. 

It’s my Goldilocks home. Not too large, not too small, just right. Light, white and bright, with enough pops of colour to keep it fun and livable. With the kitchen fully on show I wanted everything to blend and so kept the base neutral. No feature wall but the same blue grey tinged colour throughout the space. The door opens dead centre in the space, so what draws your eye in is the pretty face of the Lieverse painting (my girl crush). 

Below are hanging Besta cupboards from Ikea which look great, provide storage but mostly were chosen because I had one left from the re-do of my daughter’s room. Like most everything in the space, really. Secondhand, re-use, show models or major sale scores make up the body of my decor, if not completely. Working within the constraints of minimum budget and finds demands more creativity than being able to shop everything you desire but the results are a lot more fun and personal because of it. For example I had two black (extra from storage) and bought one white dining chair on sale. Solution the black chairs are facing the black couch and the white chair with of course a leftover white highchair are on the side of the white kitchen. Would you have known if I hadn’t told you? The highchair will be replaced with a matching white dining chair when Mika can be trusted and which I bought about a hundred kms away from the first because a steal knows no limits.

This room is a mix of designer pieces, treasures, sales scores, and secondhand finds with everything from Hay to Artemide, to handmade vases from Singapore and a 60 euro dining table being thrown into the mix. And for every piece, no matter how small, I know the origin and more importantly the thoughts and feelings behind it.The little owl sitting by the remotes with the pink orchid, I got when I found out I was having a girl. The round vase in the windowsill we went back to a little alley shop purchase in Prague because it was the piece that stood out to me on that trip. The room is a mix of me and my kids with its grown up art, fun hippo doormat  and kids toys that are definitely for use and not just show as the radioflyer trike flies around on an invisible track every day, all day. Detail: the little suitcase contains the kids dress-up gear, which I flip to 'in' or 'out' on switch day.

Someone coined it, rather negatively, the showhouse, probably because it’s doesn’t look like it was thrown together without a thought. But guess what it wasn’t. I designed this space. I upkeep this space like my paycheck depends on it (or have two toddlers and white floors), to keep it feeling like home. Home is not just a bed and couch to me. It is a showcase of the things that inspire, of memories, of the family that lives here. So I guess it’s my showhome and of that I am gosh-darn proud. Viva la showhome! 

Especially considering how much I learnt about my own abilities and where it started.. as the blankest shoebox ever.

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