Technically a personal post and rather off subject, being in no way about design but I promise to link it up in the next post. But back to this post..this post is a literal example of Friday's quote 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step'. Because it's about taking the step and I'm not talking's running time baby.

Today I attempted my first continuous run after 6 weeks of interval training that took me from a max of 200 metres to 3km. Something that has had my stomach in knots of equal parts dread and anticipation for the past week and a half, especially with a cold going since Thursday. And while I still feel the need to apologise because it's no marathon distance and I didn't quite make it (took a 2 minute walk break), I refuse. I am super flipping proud of me for taking that first step and all that since followed and all yet to come.

I keep most everything hidden and am super self-conscious and critical of myself. I wouldn't work out in the rain because someone might see my drive. I would rather miss the bus than have someone see me run. But it's on the bucket list; running somewhere warm and beautiful to greet the sunrise. The goal that my biggest support criticised and that made me realise I was waiting, waiting for others, waiting for someone to sanction my goals, to make them joint goals and therefore valid. But this is my life, my dreams, my goals.

I did my first training the morning after my five-day chickenpox fever broke. No food, no water, no strength and covered in pocks and powder but I did it the way I do most everything..full out. Go hard or go home.

Six weeks later. Guess what,.. it's not exactly what I envisioned as I forgot the sweat, pain, wet and cold and it's definitely not the vision in my mind's eye of warm and beautiful but my neighbourhood, the Eco-park, the bunnies along the footpaths, the orange glow of the sunrise on the first tropical day of the year are beautiful. Right here, right now. And more so for the smile on my face and the pride and accomplishment I feel instead or criticism or self-consciousness. I will get there..that paradise run, because I took the first step.

Call me hotstepper because all that stepping (running, cardio and power yoga) has me at my fittest, inside and out. From chin to shin. Here's a little collage from pock-marked to now.

From first work-out covered in talc to stop the itching! To upright and happy to go out and run. To growing a collection of fun-coloured tools (who'd have guessed that eggplant is my favourite colour). To feeling good about the way I look and having clothes not fit..the right way.

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