Summer style

I don’t really post about fashion, despite it being my way of expressing myself and my mood. Feeling down, then I pull out a gorgeous girlie outfit. Feeling vulnerable, then out comes something fierce. Though I can’t take pictures of my outfits, I can show you my summer wardrobe. And by summer wardrobe I mean the latest editions as some pieces, like my favourite maxi dresses, make a reappearance every summer.
Summer 2014 means.. 
  • a lightweight dark grey leopard/printed jumpsuit because it’s still Holland
  • a draped, ruched mini in a pastel colour 
  • a  simple white tee with side-splits for some edge 
  • a pair of dipped dyed, super tight, skinnies form SamsoØe & SamsØe for a killer butt
  • a simple navy singlet with low-back because back decolleté is my sexy
  • a pale blue leather pencil skirt as lighter version of my winter black one
  • And the thing I have always wanted but only now have the balls to rock; Daisy dukes, baby!

Everything is in a simple, cohesive colour palette. I'm in the mood for less pop and flash, which is quite the reverse from the brights you usually get in the summer, but that suits my mood at the moment.
Accessories make or break it.
  • And that means shoes! I’m a heels girl so slippers all summer long will not do. Time to bust out the wedges. How wicked are these strappy, snake-printed leather babies from Zara? 
  • And because snake looks so good, a little evening pouch with strap (free hands) that positively pops in electric blue. SSSh.
  • And sticking to leather for the round-off, a wide leather headband, which makes me feel oh-so mod squad.

 Everyhing is a (major) sale score because budget counts and I like the challenge of finding great stuff for a better price. I mean that singlet costs a whopping 3.99 euros. Hey, it’s still Holland and the saying going Dutch tells you something about the mentality and I love it J. 

Shop savvy, look good, have fun in the sun, that’s my summer motto!

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