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I promised to link up the steps, to the running, to design. So here goes because what is up with fugly, practical sport gear? I mean, sports sneakers are starting to look so good, I would rock them outside of the gym. But the rest, humh. Let’s leave it at uninspired. So here’s a small round-up of rocking, well-designed athletic gear..

  • Bottles from Kor Water (I own a green Delta that never fails to get noticed or make me smile). You can even add a message stone under the cap. Drink up, you rocked it!          
  • Fun, cheap, vibrant work-out gear from H&M. Also surprisingly well-made. My leggings have done at least 3 works-out a week and a year later are still in great condition. Plus I can now better appreciate the functional details like breathable fabric, built-in key pouch and thumb holes (frozen numbness is a painful no-no). Same said for Rituals, whose gear feels great and looks great in and out of the yoga class. And my Triumph triaction toning top is so good it functions as a sportsbra and makes you look good in even the frumpiest old tee.
  • Not surprising the vast array of smartphone holders but the lack of non-bulky, boring black is surprisingly depressing. I went for the ultra girly and functional (all buttons accessible!) SwitchEasy Move in purple (fav color). The accessability allows me switch it up to the exact song needed to keep my ass in gear. And only now realised..cable management. This product smashed it!
  • I currently sport a Casio Baby-G in white and pink in combination with a seperate budget-buy distance tracker because of certain, say budget, restrictions. On a similar note I currently use and still love my Urbanears Zinken headset because of A. the ultra-noticable colour, B. the comfort, C. the total noise-out. But it’s not sports grade. Sweat-drenched ears are not good for the headset or me, plus every car ends up startling me to near heartattack. So something lighter, compacter and not quite so shut off? But not a bulky, mancave looking bit of kit. No, I'm just not that type of girl. Here it comes.. the top tech piece of work-out kit: The Dash. Saw this and my eyes starting watering with both delight and greed. I want this, I really want this and I want this now (or at least on pre-order)..                                                                                          Combining wireless, bluetooth earphones that can work with or without a smartphone, charges quickly, has diffrent fit sizes with microphone, heart rate monitor, fitness tracker and sports watch that tracks everything from distance, steps, rotation, pace, turns, speed, cadence, to time, G-force, body temp, calories oxygen saturation and more. Basically everything except how many times your ass was checked out in your super fit work-out gear, wink! This puppy allows me to carry less, run more and be connected. Did I already mention that this is what I want, need, can no longer live with out... In white please. You can check it out here or pre-order me a pair already.

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