On the beach, by the pool

Let me get the confession out of the way before I get started…I do not expect an opportunity to rock these pieces as alas no vacation plans. And once you grow up on a tropical Caribbean island with amazing beaches and honeymooned on a beautiful deserted one in South-East Asia, Scheveningen (Holland's answer to beach weather) just does not seem appealing. But that does not stop this girl from dreaming. Especially with the mini heat wave of late. 
Below my top three picks. Not really blending into the crowd. These all have a degree of smokingness but that’s my style. Life is too short to be boring, wear it!

Two confessions in one post.. I love Agent Provocateur. The bra’s are mindblowingly good, the details are amazing and they make even the plankiest to the curviest of girls look and feel femme fatale. So a AP bathing suit, in a flattering cut, with zips that let you flip it up. How can I not have this as a favourite? The bikini in black is available in the sale because this brand isn't cheap.

Triangl seems to be the go-to bikini brand at the moment. It’s not hard to see why as I flipping love neoprene. Hello, sexy diver. It comes in loads of fun, bright colours and cool print. But for me, it’s their snakeskin print bandeau bikini that I am in love with. I love snake print so much I'd have it as a pet. Just kidding on the last part but the suit is divine.
I saw this top from N.L.P. in an editorial for Est Magazine, skipped the article and immediately surfed to the brand’s site. It’s more a top than a bikini top and that’s what I love about it. This with my ginormous black sunhat and I could take my own editorial  pics.

Black is sold out but with tons of other colour combinations and cool styles, definitely one to consider. Think high necks, zip fronts, cut-outs and one shoulders and mesh and that all in neoprene. The zip front strapless mesh swimsuit is also divine. Go Aussy!

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