Just a little quickie as I dropped 'Ballerinas, Brownies & babes' from the name. I thought it was time. The times they are a changin', so am I and therefore so is the blog.

Truth be told I rarely ever wear ballet flats anymore and basically keep them in my car as driving shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love expressing myself through fashion more than ever. It's just my style sense is less flats and more skyscrapers. And while food is wonderful, good food pictures requires a good camera and even better eye for food styling. So I think I'll stick to Instagram where I can quick edit my foodie pics. Only my babes remain and have their own page under 'Kids' as they are now a toddler and an almost (pre)schooler and are officially not babies anymore, sniff.

Ever growing, ever evolving, welcome to..

The Designed Life...

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