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I wrote about my fashion goals, ahem wish list, here. The one that I have been most looking forward to is the designer bag. I even expressed my (now undying) admiration for Alexander Wang. In all honestly, even though it’s stated as a maybe it was always gonna be an AW bag. I just love his sensibility; innovative, edgy but understated enough to not end up as dated as the eighties. 
And so while I’m thrilled with my Pucci Marquise, which is my first big bag purchase in years and which is perfect for a night out, for everyday I need something bigger. My wallet is more purse than coin holder. Add to that my phone that never leaves me and a headset you can’t miss in size or colour and you can see why it got’s to be bigger. Sorry guys, but in some things, sometimes, sizes matters…alot. And to me bags is one of those categories. You’ve got to fit the essentials if you want more than one appearance. And while black will always remain the staple, I love a bit of pop. Bada boom, baby… the Brenda chain shoulder bag in rose gold.

This bag is me, no ifs ands or buts about it. I’m quiet, sometimes extremely so, making it even more important to me, that you see my personality, at least till you get to know it. This bag says ‘edgy if not downright 'attitude’ what with the snake-chain straps and metallic colour. Yet the model is simple enough to not make it over the top or a one venue item. All together, downtown street chic. Or bitchin, as I like to say!
And while I have yet to wear this baby, I know exactly what I want to wear it with; my fav black jeans, just a blazer and killer heels. The perfect dark backdrop for this stunner, you never know that just might appear on my instagram someday soon..

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