Frietje, alsjeblieft!

How can you not smile when you see this french fry shed, especially if manned by a couple of cute kids. Say kids with super cool names like Zoe Isobel and Mika.
I love kids playhouses, kids tree houses, kids tents, kids wigwams and kids lean-to’s. Anything child-sized really and I would have loved to have had a lemonade stand as a kid, if I had been alot less shy back then. I love modern takes on fun favourites. I love the quirks of living in the Netherlands, quirks like french fry shops on like what seems like every street corner. So you know I am loving this Frietkot from Humade. I see my kids (and probably me) manning this bad boy on Kings day selling what.. else french fries. For me extra thick, extra crisply with loads of satésaus. Yummy!
 The fact that it’s made of recycled materials leftover from the advertising industry just makes it that much more cool. I think it’s time to get the fryer out.

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