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I mentioned the fabulous prints form Therese Sennerholt in the post about the suite (nickname for my space). There stands a great bit of blank space under the window where I keep my trainers. A few ideas have crossed my mind about how to best utilise this space; leave as it with just my beloved trainers, add a George Nelson platform bench for donning and removing said trainers or install an installation of felt pebbles that act as a visual divide between desk and bed. 
But the idea that keeps coming back is an art installation. Partly because it’s lower wall space, partly because I just like the look and largely because my kids are not allowed up here, making this a safe haven.. I want the art casually leaning against the wall. I want to layer the wall with art pieces in a muted palette in keeping with the rest of the space. I’m liking the idea  of a canvass painted in a lighter shade of the anthracite behind my bed as a backdrop to the pieces.

1. This X marks the spot print from One must Dash is made even better by the name; ‘Kiss me right here’. Please do plant one smack dab and center. 2. Colour downpipe from Farrow & Ball is pretty close to the colour I have in mind for the backdrop. 3. I said cheeky, so it has to be this print from Therese Sennerholt. 4. The almost iconic “don’t grow up” print form Mini & Maximus and quite difficult to find online.
 All in all the prints are fun, flirty and tongue-in-cheek. Art reflects live and what’s life without a little cheekiness, right?

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