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Personally I hold off on wearing winter gear for as long as possible and even then probably take it a bit too far. I'm the mom still wearing cutoffs and flip flops for the school run. However the same can't be said for my kids. Yep, I’m the mom saying ‘put on your coat, it’s cold out’. And since it starting getting chilly in August, it’s time to get starting on the winter basics, despite it going by to summer in September. I love dressing my two like stylish Parisians in brands like Emile Et Ida, Zadig & Voltaire and Jack n'a qu'un oeil. Smallable (online) and Gold Belgium (Antwerp) are my go-to's. Seriously, the best dressed babies they were, right down to the spit-up rag protecting said fabulous clothing. Or as worldly trendites in brands like Stella McCartney, Scotch RBelle, Mini Rodini, Shampoodle, Bobo Choses and personal fav Popupshop. All mixed with cheaper but cute pieces for stores such as Hema which is an absolute Dutch staple brand.
Yet the older Zoe Isobel and Mika get the more basic and less pricey their wardrobe. They prefer clothes with Hello Kitty Minnie Mouse on the front. Gasp, the shock, the horror. And kids, especially Zoe Isobel, grow like cabbage as they say in Dutch. So that more basic wardrobe will probably only see one or two extra unique pieces added in. But I’m not crying, with the coolness and cuteness on offer at Zara and H&M it’s still a fun, funky and hip wardrobe. Mika's wardrobe is all about super heroes, comics, lighting bolts and a tuxedo jacket. Perfect fit for his custom studded converse that match mom's. Zoe Isobel's is all about pink, pattern and print. Right down to her leopard tights which remind me of a favourite pair from Popupshop.


I order everything online because A. I have little free time during the day, B. shopping with kids this young is less then wonderful and most important C. my kids are way opinionated about their style. So we try at home, pick and send back the unwanted. Took several fittings for winter coat approval. Zoe Isobel was sold the moment she saw the bunny ears but Mika is still on the fence about option number five..
P.S. Half the wardrobe is at dads, plus they are a few summer pieces still on rotation that are not in the pics.

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