Mad hatter

I had another post planned for today but I’ll have to move that to later as I had no opportunity to take photographs. So instead I happily moved this post up a week.
I’m not a great hat wearer despite there being so many great alternatives out there to fit every budget. Asos and Zara have some nice ones in the lower end of the market and Rag & Bone and hat kingpin Maison Michel make some super ones that gravitate more to the other end of the price spectrum.
However when I do wear a hat I always feel diva and quirky at the same time. A right mad hatter. In hats, I have the same as bags..the bigger, the better. The bigger the brim, the more angled the tilt and the more obscure my face or what’s left visible after sunglasses, the more chic and savvy I feel. Great on a sunny day, yet totally unpractical whilst driving but like I said that’s part of the appeal of being a mad hatter. And of the hats I do have, almost all are woollen felt because that is hands down my favourite material. 
So the woolly hats from My Red Lippy are smack dab exactly what I’m looking for. By Sarah Curtis; a girl who knows that red lipstick is statement-making. It’s her but also my own signature lip colour. Aah, a kindred hat spirit. I love her hats. Fab hats, check. Now all I need is sunshine on a beautiful Autumn day showered with falling red leaves.

Pictured are my three favourites; textured/marbled charcoal, black with a floppy satin bow and cosy grey with a subtle ribbon and smaller brim.

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