Spring wardrobe details

designedlifeblog.blogspot.com spring wardrobe detailing

Details make or break an outfit. So when the wardrobe gets a spring update, the details follow suit.
And with details I’m talking the bling things. These are the jewellery pieces I’m rocking this season;

  • Pearls. Double pearls pieces are everywhere and have made me fall back in love with my endless saltwater pearl necklace. The pearls are irregularly sized, making it so not your mama’s pearl choker. I usually knot it, so it’s yet more edgy.

  • I have been in love with rose gold almost as long I’ve been blogging and this season is no exception. I recently purchased the nail bangle and open hex ring from The Peach Box and love them. The bracelet I really like combining with a fave silver spiked bangle for even more don’t mess with me attitude. The ring I like just by itself for simpler moments and when I want to up the ante I go for my rose gold spiked midi ring set from Maria Francesca Pepe. Probably best not to mess with me on those days.

  • Another look I sport often are an assortment of thin silver (midi) rings. This edges up more classic feminine outfits and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll spell it; I need a little edge, at always times. Floral skirt, midi- rings and contrasting blue suede shoes, yes please..

  • The last piece and the most recent is a necklace from Atuko. I pretty much always have a necklace on, from the tiny and delicate to the heavy and statement but my favourites are just like this one; long, soft, floaty with a single pendant.
I wanted to showcase a pair of earrings as well but I love wearing studs and you never see my ears anyway because soft, face-frame layers work best on me. The details that work are the ones that fit your aesthetic and that’s rings, bracelets and necklaces for me but if I find the earrings that break the mould, I’ll surely let you know.

designedlifeblog.blogspot.com spring wardrobe detailing

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