Summer hearts summer hearts

I write less about my thoughts and emotions. I was wondering why a couple nights ago and decided it’s because life is simple good. Simple meaning just that; simple. Like a great summer week, where every day is warm and sunny and gently melts into the next. I love my life, especially the simple moments. Moments that capture my heart; when I ‘m already missing my baby and he says 'I’ll miss you too mama', still sleeping in dawn’s early light there is a gentle kiss and a soft I love you, my girl taking my hand and we are for that moment once again ‘samen meisjes’, goofing around playing like kids and kissing like teenagers.
For all the beautiful things I surround myself with, thrive to create and experience, the best things are the people in my life. Such a tiny group of people but they are my world. My kids are rambunctious, wild, fun-loving energy bombs and as much as I long for more quiet, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love that energy, that blissful peace of just enjoying the moment as it comes, every single one. 
No peace, even on the loo, my chica runs up to me constantly just for a quick cuddle. My son’s giggle is still the purest, happiest sound on earth. Walking in pairs on holiday, girls vs boys, I felt blissful. Or when I glimpse my little ones holding hands. One of the best feelings, is how my guy’s face goes from solid and solitaire to soft with tons of eye creases and a boy’s smile, at my less than glamorous morning self because I’m so beautiful.
 My life is nothing like what I’d envisioned. My epic summer dream is still a dream. My actual summer is slow and simple. Filled with smiles, giggles and kisses. That makes it the best of summers. Summer hearts.
I think the pciture from Unsplash captures that perfectly.

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