Cool enough cool enough cool enough cool enough

Recreating the ordinary into the meaningful? Attachment to everyday objects? Products that reflect, intergrate and enhance our day to day life? Less design, more stories! Quite a feat but I think Cool Enough Studio pull it off. Stylish and minimalist.

I spotted this design studio at S2 20, which is an amazing Nordic inspired webshop, that you should definitely check out. I immediately made a purchase and promise I'll get around to shooting that spread soon but I couldn't wait to showcase this brand's idea and aesthetic.

The sleekest mirror around that begs to be looked at as well as looked in. Huhu cushion is a godsend for a fidgeter like me. The minimalist and oh so versatile hanger..think shoes or even annoying spaghett-straps. For me the perfect piece for my nervous routine of selecting my entire outfit, down to the shoes, the night before...

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