Mint berry madness; blueberries, blackberries, chocolate, meringues & salted caramel sherbet!

I shared a bit of the prep process and now here’s the finished product.
I’m ashamedly notorious for not using up the contents of my fridge. Am I the only one who somehow never looks in the fridge buts just goes out to the shops every time the munchies hit? And I hate grocery shopping..
Well before holiday I figured I’d gave food savviness a go. No perishables in the fridge, but still stocked with a few munchies. And it being summer that means frozen treats. I had a small punnet of blue- and blackberries, a half packet of mint leaves and one lonely lime in the fruit drawer. That and a container of lactose-free whipping cream (my joy at this finding this product at the local grocery store is not describable without expletives).
Super simple. I didn’t even break out the ice cream machine for this. The berries, mint and lime juice got sweated down on the stove top, with a generous scoop of fine sugar. And because I wanted a super smooth consistency I strained it before cooling and folding in the liquid cream. Half the milk chocolate bits went in as well and off to the freezer it went. The next morning the last of the chocolate got folded in as well.
I wanted a toss-up of sweet, tart, salty, soft, icy, warm and crunchy. Pretty much a flavour pyramid. I went with a good old-fashioned store bought cone that got amped up with a coating of melted chocolate.

But we’re not finished yet. Oh no, baby. After scooping came more left-overs in the form of crushed pistachio meringues from the strawberry iced treats. And you guessed it, my trusty fave; hot salted caramel. Did I mention this dessert was OTT, full-on, and just so damn good! mint berry madness sherbet mint berry madness sherbet mint berry madness sherbet mint berry madness sherbet mint berry madness sherbet mint berry madness sherbet

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