Vanilla, strawberry and streusel coffee cake Vanilla, strawberry and streusel coffee cake

More oft than not, I total weird science. Let's try this, add a pinch of that, mix that in..
Sometimes I just can't figure out what I'm actually craving. This was just such a case. In the mood for pound cake on the one hand and strawberries and crumble on the other. When you can't decide you make both, right?

Th top layer is a brown sugar streusel mix. Sandwiched together with old-fashioned vanilla cake by a layer of roasted strawberries. The strawberries were oven-roasted in strawberry infused liquer. Three quick pulses with a food processor, as I didn't want to completely break up the fruit. The reserved roasting liquid got poured over the top to finish.

P.S. I've already got some tweaks going to make this even better..and that includes ice cream!

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