Raw beauty

I'm so not into beauty. I still think splashing water on my face in the mornings deserves a pat on the back. I changed up by workouts, cut-out a few favorite indulgences and even start my mornings with a glass of apple cider vinegar and water. So what better time to simplify my routine? The goal is less products, more nature.

My kids have my Sahara, eczema-prone skin. They are testing out pure apricot oil which really helps to keep moisture locked in. I remove my make up with coconut cream, which leaves my faces mascara-free and so subtle face cream is almost obsolete. Most recently though, I started body brushing. Something I never thought I'd try because my skin is crazy sensitive. However, knock on wood, I barely itch when I'm done and stop immediately with oiling. It is too soon to really see a big difference but it makes my skin softer, my stretch marks way better and I feel invigorated.

Here's to pure, raw and simple! Cheers.

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