Boys and bosses

How did that happen? I’ve got a four year boy. My youngest, so on the one hand my baby. On the other the reason for the sudden onset of grey. From 0 to 100 in the blink of any eye. I adore this kid but he often leaves me dazed and wondering "What are little boys made of?"
 Snips and snails and puppy dog tales? I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. I guess it's provocative.. But seriously we’ve had some long conversations about the kids this week, especially having had to kick of my heels and glorious ideal of being a stylish mum to sprint across the cold sidewalk at 7.30 am. Why? This little boy is made of fire and ice with just the right dash of drive my mom crazy. Crazy worried or crazy furious. After I got him safe, sound and away from the road, my immediate reaction was to hug him tight. But that quickly dissipates and I can only see red… including the red of my cold throbbing feet.
I think you can’t quite help comparing your kids. His big sis is a dream kid. Helpful, kind and almost never in time-out. Girly and sweet. Mika is in time-out every day. I keep wondering is it me or him? That’s maybe the thing about boys. They challenge, push the limits and don’t just back down. Qualities that, dependent on the situation, are indispensable. But those qualities ask something different of me. Something different to his sister but even more so different to when he was younger. I’m the  mom of a boy. I have to let him go, run wild, come back with a little mud, blood and guts. But that also means that I have to set boundaries that he knows aren't up for breaking. To keep him safe. To help him grow. To get from little to big boy. He may be the boy but I'm the boss!

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