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So I posted a little while back about my loves for the summer. Well like I said before; I fall in love everyday. So I thought it would be fun to do a 'current loves' series for each of my interest. Today's is fashion, followed by interior design, kids design and food.

I mentioned my love of the wedge sneaker in the summer loves post and how the one that inspired it was out of grasp. I recently saw a pair while in town the other day and rushed home and checked out the website that same day (heh, shopping with crying kids is no flipping fun). Plus a second pair of sneakers that I think are fab: 1. Serafini Manhattan wedge sneaker with my beloved snakeskin detailing. 2. Topshop Agasi sneaker with beloved studs. Really, studs, exposed zippers and snakeskin are my fav details and I love them in just about anything..

Coats are an essential item as it starts to get colder. Luckily a ways off yet, but never too soon to start planning. I have been looking forward to a new coat for a while, but postponed it last winter due to not wanting a lovely coat I could only wear during the last term of my pregnancy (yea Mika Dylan Jagger Arts, love that boy and that name). 1. This jacket from Cooper and Stoolbrand via Asos is the shizzle. Victorian, frilly and fun. 2. The double zip jacket from Cos (no longer available) would be a great every day piece.

Poor cows, goats, basically anything with good leather making hides. I love leather in shoes, bags, belts and other accessories. This has now crossed over into clothing. 1. Leather dress from Bruuns Bazaar. 2. Leather shorts from Twist & Tango. 3. Leather pencil skirt from Warehouse via Asos.

My most favorite item in an outfit is the shoe so another section on shoes to finish. After all one can not live on sneakers alone. I have so many and want so many more. I adore these two from the current Zara collection. There are so many more lovelies, but these two are kinda super. Pony, studs and ankle straps. Sounds like a shoe, which I like. Nice and naughty, never boring, never dull.

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