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As it the rest of my life, less is just less. Food is more than just a base need, it is a opportunity for enjoyment. Not just of that which you are eating, but the whole experience. A special treat as a kid, a romantic dinner with the love of your life, ice cream after playing outside on a warm summer's day. Today was all about biking, laying in the park and getting ice cream with my husband, toddler and baby. Sitting side by side, walking hand in hand, slurping up melting, leaking ice cream. Little drops of heaven. An ode to a few food favs for the memories they made, the ones in the making and the ones yet to come.

How to be a domestic goddess
Hands down the favorite, most used, best cookbook I own. I love the simplicity, the sometimes kooky sensibilities and above all the food. The cupcakes are so simple they get made every couple of weeks. The cream cheese brownies I adore and the list goes on.

I remember my first tasting of eggnog at a church gathering at Christmas time; true love. I have since been hooked on this beverage at Christmas. Being hard too get in the Netherlands, I have ordered it from France speaking no french, had it brought over by visiting relatives, stored in the cupboards in bulk and tried making it (epic fail). I love it so.

Baby back, baby back, baby bacccckk, ribs! Chicken, coleslaw and rice. Yes rice, not fries. As a kid on an island you barbecued. It seemed like every week there was a fundraiser with tickets being sold for a plate of BBQ in a polystyrene, environmentally unfriendly tray with partitions that kept nothing seperate, ahh the memories.  Fast forward, say ahem fifteen or so years later, and no one does that style of serving or combo in my neck of the woods. Que, the sad music..

Malaysian satay
Food is very memory-tied for me. I remember my honeymoon; eating leftover satay we picked up before the boatride to the island, while on the porch watching the sea with a fresh breeze on our faces. The best I have ever had, even cold it was delicious. The sauce, oh man the sauce. Licking my chops just to think of it and feeling all relaxed and easygoing just to think of it. Irie, mon.

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