Pizza baby

Well my little girl just turned two a week ago to the day yesterday (yea, supers!), but alas she still eats like a baby. Meaning not wanting to try anything new and basically existing on bread. Fruit and vegetable are the enemy. One of the few things she will eat (sometimes, mood depending) is pizza. Go figure. So we make it pretty often. It is a easier (only) way to get some veggies in. Crusty bread covered in sauce? Even supers can not resist some onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and the like.

We use this recipe from What's cookin, Chicago? for the dough. It is quick, easy and non-messy. Got to love no-knead recipes. I always add some dried oregano and garlic powder to the dough. Or spicy oil instead of plain olive to give it a bit more bang for the buck. Often we top it with tomato sauce (like duh), mozzarella, sliced chorizo, chestnut mushrooms, garlic, onions, parmesan and fresh basil leaves to top it off and drizzled with olive oil. The oven gets cranked to the max (at least 250 celsius) and baked on a preheated tray. When done a shaving more of parmesan and arugula and we are good to go. A bit more expensive than store-bought, but hey the taste is worth it.

Below are pics of a simpler version as it was a bit warm and the idea of a heavy meal seemed entirely unappealing. The dough made three thin Italian style Margherita's. I would like to say accompanied by a serving of veg, but further than slices of cucumber and lettuce leaves we do not go. I guess it kinda runs in the family, if not extremely exaggerated by toddlerhood?

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