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Since the birth of my daughter in 2010 and my son in February our household has acquired an amazing amount of baby gear. With an active toddler and her toys, plus a baby a couple of months old, the place seems at times to be a daycare facility. To combat this ill effect, I recommend the following.. good looking crap, I mean kids gear.

I love poufs and think the products from Chic Sin Design and Woouf! are amazing. The bear bean bag would be lovely in my girl's room to expand her current reading cushion. The record cushion would be a perfect addition to the seating area's in the baby's room.

Storage, storage, storage is the key to a minimal look, but is also necessary to keep from slipping on some kind of toy. I have stepped on enough Lego, thank you very much. I already have the giant Lego storage bricks in eight and four, but would like some more for her newer Hello Kitty Lego speciality sets.

Alas, Lego is just one of the many toys that need a home. I have been on the search for good looking, child friendly (easy open, soft shutting), reasonably priced storage for awhile. Surprisingly hard to find this trinity of qualities. Slightly disregarding the last quality, I think two of the ash veneer basket by Mint via the Collection would look good in the living room and the wire basket in rose from the new Ferm Living collection would do well to coral the stuffed animals now spread across the floor in said girls room. And staying in building block mode, how cute is the Ogle toy box.
I recently added some artwork to the baby's room and like the idea of having art that appeals to the kids as well. When I finally get around to doing the kids play area, I think it would be fun to add some artwork to the back wall. Maybe loosely taped with fluor masking tape? So nothing to costly or precious. I adore the Mustache Moon by Martin Krusche and Pirum Parum print from from Fine Little Day.

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