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I remember when my now husband/then boyfriend and I decided to move in together (time surely does fly). After several rejects; too small, too old, or too expensive, we finaly found the perfect place downtown. I bought a couple of magazines to read on the train (we were living in diffrent cities) and to get inspired for the new joint space. I remember opening the magazine and seeing angels circling above the pages. Maybe not angels, but I was instantly hooked and still am.

To replace the current lamp above the dining table; The Cover lamp from Perlei. I love that is very sleek and simple. No frills, just the thrills.

I have a thing for side table, stools, poufs the way I have for shoes. I have several dotted about the place. I think the Plopp from Hay is especially super cute. The yellow makes a nice switch from white and it is just so fun with it's deflated balloon shape.

My dream stool is the Eames stool, all three of them. Solid walnut, great timeless shape, what's not to love.
I have been salavitating over the Flocks pouf from Christien Meindertsma for years. I even had a nice savings pot going, but decided to get a double stroller instead (boo practical mothering sensibilities).

I adore throws and have one close to, if not on the sofa year round. Even on a summer's night there is something so reassuring about being snuggled into the couch. One of my most favorite things to do is to burrow in, demolish a bowl of popcorn and watch a grade-A crappy science fiction movie. Ah, my ideal Saturday night. But it has got to look good and this is such a beautifull throw. Alas, one again pissing next to the pot (intentionally badly translated). From Mauddesigns via Etsy.

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