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In a previous post about the blank space above the sofa titled 'Ponderings of a sofa', I wrote about my  wish to do something with that empty space... actually there were a couple of previous tries that did not stick. Here is how it is looking now...

With a old Bob Dylan print re-framed with an adjusted passe-partout Ödby frame from Ikea, two Japan-inspired prints from Fab in custom frames from zelfinlijsten, wall of flame candle holders from Frederik Roijé (also via Fab) and hanging vase from Sofie Boonman.

Upon seeing the pictures I find that the space on the left looks underutilised (as well as the speakers being quite fugly). A hanging lamp could be good but since I always (race to) sit on the right that idea got the boot. Below are some super cute decorative options. Help me out, please? Decisions are not my strong point.

Corniche shelves from Vitra. Picture it frame from Hay. Third option is the most super shelving made of resin which I scooped at You Are Here in town the other day. A small one in pink with a circular dip and a larger white one with three built in tubes for flowers (designer unknown to me, so no pic).

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  1. I found more info on the shelf! From Roel Huisman, available via his own webshop or The Frozen Fountain.


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