Spring blooms

Winter seemed extra long and extra gray and bleak, which I was okay with till about April. Then it hit like a ton of bricks; I was so, so, so over the palette of constant concrete gray. To cheer myself up ... I got some flowers. I still enjoying arranging anew once a week, despite the fact that spring is now truly in the air.

The tulips finally blossomed and are from the local supermarket. The simple glass vase I got free when I purchased some art supplies for Zoe Isobel. I added some bark I kept from a bouquet I made ages ago.

The vase I've had for ages and was a must-have after seeing it at the Woonbeurs. I searched and searched but could not find it online, so made the trip to Pols Potten in Amsterdam to get it. Endless possibilities, but now kind of mohawy. Double take the vase on the right, a birthday gift from my sis; spilt personality in a vase. Too frigging cute, especially with a magnolia branch and ever-changing flower exposition.

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