Hot rod

I keep a digital map of projects and photo's that inspire me. This is one of those ideas that totally grabs my imagination. Can you guess what it is? And more importantly what is was used for?

Dowels, little wooded rods kind of like the sort used in put-it-together Swdish furniture or speciality cakes. These were used by Merge Architects to create an amazing wall with built-in shelving and concealing a bathroom door. Images by Dwell.

Reminds me of the Kwan bookcase from Studio Ditte as well as some older styling pics from Marijke Schipper who I think makes lovely, liveable interiors. Come to think of it what with the Muuto Dots in Zoe Isobel's room, I guess you could say I have a bit of a thing with little round wooden things on walls.

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