Upscale Lego

Slowly but surely our home is filling up with... lego blocks. Standard lego, Hello Kitty lego, Dora the explorer lego and giant lego storage blocks. We even had our first lego related accident today. Don't get me wrong they are great fun for baby (except for that wee accident), toddler and adults alike. But when I saw these wooded block sets in cherry, birch and maple from Mokulock, I just about passed out as I love wooden toys.

They are a bit too small for the kids at the moment as Mika would undoubtedly pop a couple in his mouth and Zoe Isobel would probably throw them in the garbage if building became frustrating. I can however dream of less plastic fantastic and more wood-the-way-to go. Or perhaps as an ode on a shelf, high, high above the kiddie grasp line?

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