Hoorah for Puha

A couple weeks ago Daan and I spent a day in Utrecht to celebrate our anniversary (the quiet moments of no kids are few and far between). An ideal day for me will always consist of shopping, even if it is just a wee bit. So how happy was I to find Puha while strolling in search of a music store for Daan.

I love individual stores with that undefinable mix of hip and quirky, even more so when fashion and interior collide. I love the yellow  rubberized cords they use for the shop lighting and there is this super cute jewelry cupboard that would look great sitting on my dressing table. I bought a summer tunic, which turns out to be made of wood (go figure).

I however regretted not buying one of the lovely wooden ‘navels’, could not find it in the web shop and contacted them by mail. Great service as they sent me photos and info and mailed the chosen ones out to me. I love turning them around in my palms and do so daily. I now can’t wait to get my workspace in order. A lovely little piece of tactile inspiration. Ah, feeling zen.

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