Limited edition weird

I want to share a little bit of the workspace that I am carving out of the eaves of my home. A place to occasionally work from home, work on this blog, do projects and just feel in my creative element. It's not yet complete but the desk is in and this poster now sits above it. When I saw it, I smiled and so I clicked it home to adorn my space. I have always been different in one way or the other and told so. It is only recently that I started embracing my idiosyncrasies as a positive. What better way than a visual reminder that different is sometimes just extra special and one of a kind?

And for the extra special people and moments, be they positive or be they negative (she said with a devilish smile).. an extra fitting note holder. What do you think, will it be an inspiring place to work, be creative and just be my own limited edition self?

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