Inspired by the Woonbeurs Amsterdam {edition one}

Inspiration creates energy. With the world wide web you can get your daily dose with the click of a mouse. However sometimes, it’s more inspirational and just plain fun to experience things firsthand and so I made my way to the Woonbeurs in Amsterdam. I was last there a couple years back so it was a renewed experience. I also went by myself and did not attempt to drag my husband around with me who’s enthusiasm for interior design is at an entirely different level to mine. This would also have been near impossible with two little kids trailing along behind, touching (and possibly breaking) things or getting lost in the crowds.

I ended up going at warp speed (typical me) from one beautiful and inspirational stand to another. Here are pictures of some of the beauties that inspired me. In will post more later in the week. I must admit that the luxury and sophistication of several stands including the Eigen Huis & Interior stand really caught my eye despite being utterly different from the sleek minimalism I love but cannot attain with little kids, a husband and an intense love of accessories. The general warmth of the color palettes makes me feel more at peace with the arrival of autumn. Oh no, I feel inspired to get my home autumn ready!

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