All for children

Last year was the first time I heard of the “All for Children” UNICEF collection that H&M brings out in the autumn (another reason to love the season). I love the idea of some good coming to children by doing something as simple as buying a beanie and a pair of gloves. And everything is super cute to boot. I immediately made a purchase from the collection for myself. Ahem, I mean for my kids. The tent was popped up on Christmas day with every intention of taking it down after a while, but the kids have played with, in and around it every day since.


So when I saw the dress-up theme with the Marie-Antoinette dress and ditto wig and pug bag, I squealed in pleasure. And how great is it that boys are just as well represented? An absolute godsend as Mika gets a bit anxious when Zoe Isobel makes him wear the 'prince' outfit which is a pink fur cape. I was stoked for the release, ending up being busy that night and the next day found my favorite articles, like the puffy wig and captain's outfit, already sold old. Queue the sad face. Now queue the happy face as I still managed to get some fun stuff for Zoe Isobel and Mika. I expect they will also be kept till Christmas and gifted in a cool dress-up trunk. From all for children, to my children, to support the children.

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