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I attended the Arnhemse stockdagen last year and rediscovered the city of my student days for its creativity, design and fashion. So when a bridge to the next edition presented itself in the form of a stocksale, I of course had to go. 
Took a day of work, make a list of must-stop stores, gassed up my tank and hit the road. Here are a few cool spots and more importantly photos of what I got. While it was less abuzz than then I’d hoped, it is still fun to get out and see things in the flesh. And so I am now eagerly awaiting the pastel version of the BigFoot lamp from Tim Vinke.

For the insatiable sweet tooth that I am I got this 'mon biscuit' cookie brooch from Saakje, that I picked up at Nikki Giling.

While I try not to be too self-involved I could not help falling for this ABC pendant necklace from Turina that I picked up at Graphic Playground. Where I was there I also finally scored an alphabet stamp set to complete my stamp collection as well some additions to my funky coffee cup collection as I love coffee and recently broke my wash me cup.

From Graphic playground I was directed to Sweet Sugar Hill Bakery. Totally digging this old-school and kind of traditional fifties British bakery and sweet shop. Had a couple of lovely cookies for a well-rounded breakfast at noon and of course in the cart went a bag of gourmet popcorn because I’m nuts for popcorn. Yet to try is their passion fruit curd which has inspired to make a sandwich sponge this weekend.

I popped in Lenneke Wispelwey but couldn’t decide and remembered I still have to open and find a spot for my previous visit’s purchase but still wanted to share to cool presentation.

My last stop was at a local Italian delicatessen where I found my favorite fennel-flavored sausage and anchovy paste as I can’t handle these little fishes but love the taste in a Caesar salad!
I opted not to go into town, because I still had more travelling to do, but else I would definitely have swung by Arnhem Coming Soon and Van Mij
P.S. I also swung by Puha in Utrecht to pick up my belated birthday gift. What is it? Check out the birthday edit. So excited for my first personal custom piece. And so nervous, because it is a custom piece, that I still have not unwrapped it yet!

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