Friday favs, the home accessories issue

How did it get to be Friday and March already? But I'm not complaining as the weather is supposed to be great this weekend. Time to spruce up the garden and get my bike out of the garage..yes, I'm 'only in great weather outdoors-kinda girl'. But before we get to the weekend, here are some faves I rediscovered while doing some curating and culling of my favorite online shops, stores and shopping platforms. At least in regards to accessories for in and around the home, because that is where my head is at the moment.

1. Pixoss lamp from Studio M.OSSDesign, a total fan of his entire lamp collection. 2. Floating concrete mini shelf, perfect addition to the collection. 3. Tiboo growable wall shelving, because the collection grows on. P.S. Selekkt is a great place to spot new and fabulous design. 

4. AppleBoard, because I love cool cutting boards and I love Apple. 5. Birch bird decoration, a cool new take on the Eames house bird. 6. Vanity coat rack, because we all need a final check at our self and the to-do list before leaving the house.

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