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I had planned a post about fiocchetti, but since it was the first meal where both my kids refused to take even a single bite, I decided to forgo foodie Mondays this week. No planned post, no time to take the photos needed to speed up the schedule, so I decided why not make use of the empty Monday slot for one of my favorites items a.k.a. obsessions at the moment; (small) wall shelves & ledges.

1. Yoy Blow, fun, whimsical and beautiful 2. Vitra Corniche, have these and can't wait to get them up on the wall. 3. Elkamii Peliship, wood on the angular? sign me up. 4. Roel Huisman shelf, been loving you for more than a year. 5. Ibride Cirrus, on sale here and perfect for a kids space. 6. Moustache mirror shelf, obsessed with this for my loo. 7. Eno Tuiles, because effortless and plywood make hip, especially when in a range of colors. 8. Caroline Gomez long line, because simplicity is always fashionable.

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