Inspired by Meet The Blogger @ Sanoma

Last week I attended the Meet the Blogger Video and Personal Branding masterclass. For me quite a step as my blog is a reflection of me; quiet, introverted and intended basically just as a spot to release some of that energy and excitement without being too vocal or noticeable. But two years on, I love it so much, I want to make more of it and since knowledge is power, I want to learn more. And what better place to start than a collective of people with similar drives? I originally wanted to attend the Photography and Styling masterclass but I only made it to the wait list. In the end I think it worked out for the best. While image, both picture and video are super strong elements that I want to develop and incorporate, I first need to decide on the direction. While the classes did not answer that question, it did get me started on the road to defining my direction and armed with plenty of tips and tricks for making the path smoother.
But enough about that, as what I to share most is the inspiration the location gave me. The class was held at Sanoma, which is quite a large media company that makes a few magazines that I subscribe to. Immediately upon entering the lobby I thought “Golly, I wish I could work here”. In media, amidst like-minded forces and in such a lovely designed spot. While probably in the end an office space or cubicle is an office space or cubicle, the open spaces, the space to meet, think, take a breather or interact are fun and again... inspiring, but without being too quirky or in your face. Reminds me of the feeling the public spaces at Epic US gave me, but more grown-up and laid back. I love the integration of booths with softer spots with wing back chairs, sofas and other pieces you would find in a home. It breaks up the I’m at work vibe and I definitely think that gets the creative juices flowing.

I had my camera with me but took a few quick snaps with my iPhone..

1. I love this table with the metal scaffold edging, with its overhang that is not quite touching but counter levered.  At the table the bloggers behind Nordic Days, My Ex Boyfriend and Planet Janet. & I work at an office with lockers, but how much cooler is this locker wall with the different widths, depths, material variation and old-school locks! 2. These chairs are as comfortable as they look and combine a retro vibe with Scandinavian smoothness in a contemporary jacket. 4. The booth seem like such a fun place to hold a tête-a-tête with a colleague, whether at work or just having lunch.

 I am definitely thinking of taking these ideas to the home front. The locker variation might be good for kids (toy) storage, the table might work well as a statement while dining, the chairs make me rethink my sofa lounging habits and the booth might be a great way to privatize the kids desk and crafting craziness.

Three cheers to the inspiration of the video class, personal branding class and the location!

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