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Last week I attended a bloggers masterclass from Meet the Blogger, which I will probably write about in more detail later, but it did immediately get me thinking again about changes. Changes are definitely an important if not the most important topic in my life at the moment. Yet despite this I have been struggling to focus on where I want to go. Changing the blog has been on my mind, like forever, but I just keep never getting around to it. Maybe because I did not know what to change to!

Guess what? I finally came to the conclusion that change is not the goal. The goal decides the direction and that defines the change. I now have a clearer picture of where I want to go with the blog. And that picture is about focusing. And the focus is on DESIGN. That doesn't mean I will never post again about food or fashion or all the other things that interest me and that I'm passionate about. What it does me is that I will not be forcing myself to do so and when I do I will still be from the eagle eye of design.

And while design is such a placeholder of a term, design for me is in everything and stands for being innovative, well thought-out and having worth, either but preferably from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Design can make me go duh of course, laugh, smile, cry, draw in my breath or get excited. In other words design elicits an emotion. So in the coming weeks my goal is to take my love of, my emotion for design and make it visible in all aspects of the blog. Cheers for the designed B, B & B.


  1. Cool, ik zal je in de gaten blijven houden :) Misschien wordt het dan wel tijd voor een nieuwe naam? :)

  2. Ja, naam gaat wel een beetje veranderen. Staat eigenlijk al in de de post genoemd...


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