Atelier DMontreal

I have shown you a few of the special bits and bobs I have in my office space. Being a practical space means being filled with useful, everyday items. Luckily useful things can be cute, like the minimalist black ruler sitting on my desk. Such a practical little item, yet not made from ugly white plastic with printed numbers that fade in no time flat or with some ugly logo.

The ruler I ordered from Atelier DMontreal, where I fell in love with the lattice paper tray (check here for the full product line). I love wooden products and try to look for the thought-out even in everyday items. I mean how good are those lamps? I think this small brand does a great job of making the useful beautiful yet retaining or better yet adding value with the little details like the loophole on the ruler. You know what they say; the devil is in the detail.

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