My Christmas décor

Sorry Sinterklaas, but I am and will remain a Christmas girl pur sang. I look forward to eating turkey, watching sappy Christmas movies while stuffing my face with sweets & snacks, watching my kids tear into the gifts and being grateful to have my own little chicks to share the magic just as I did when I was little and forever since.

But before this, comes the breaking out of the trusty CD of classic Christmas songs sung the traditional, non-overly elaborate & drawn-out way (you know who I am talking about). Down come the boxes from the attic and out come the lights and ornaments. There is the happy Christmas stress of me sending silent beams of positive, frightful energy as my three and one year old are fascinated by the delicate glass balls, especially  as Mika’s greatness joy is throwing round or any other shaped objects into space, despite gravity and having a tiled floor. That sly smile when I say “don’t touch those” says "this ain’t over yet, mom". 

To the store-bought decorations I have been adding more homemade ones as my kids get older. I decorated their chalkboard, the windows got snowed, and I made an advent calendar from washi-tape and kids crafting paper (did you spot the neon bows on the gifts?) and made decorations with my little crafter from clay, which I spray-painted silver. Only about a third made it to the wall, but she thinks they look great and so do I.
Next on the list are loads of popcorn strings but only when I can trust my little monsters won’t eat the tree empty and preferably when I can get some help treading those suckers onto string.

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