Fall restyle

I picked my home for the lightness (and the giant master of course). I live for sunshine and don’t mind it being cold as long as the sun is shining. Even on a cloudy day it still feels like spring in my living space which is exactly what I want, most days. However going into fall I want warm and cosy albeit with a modern aesthetic. Something as warm and comforting as jammies and that will hopefully lull me into more time spent lounging and recharging. On that note I decided to do a little fall restyling of my living space. 

On the media I did a bit of regrouping and added the super cute Muuto leaf lamp in pink because girls rule! And also a necessity because with 3m ceilings my lighthouse becomes a cave after sunset and I definitely don’t have nighthawk vision. Plus the vase and bowl look stunning lit.
Gone are the brightly-coloured Hay dot  and Tas-Ka cushions and replaced with a more muted and smaller pair that I bought eons ago in the US and I moved the bunny cushion to the couch for just a touch of color. Less cushions than before because kids are like guys when it comes to cushions. Check out this clip from an old yet still so funny episode of Coupling that explains the cushion conundrum. 
I kept the current blanket because it has the most soft cushiony inner lining but moved it to the arm of the couch because that is where it sits 23 hours of the day. Only now flipped so you can see and feel the white downy softness.To gain even more hidden storage and add some extra life to my media cabinet, more books came out to play and are joined by two tea light holders I spray painted white for more contrast to the brass interior and a newbie I picked up after the Woonbeurs at Studio de Winkel with the cool name Mr. Fahrenheit! This candelabra is so modern with the chunky unworked concrete and brass pipe fittings. And topped with the coolest gradient candles from Mo Man Tai. And since I was busy lighting candles I also lit the ones in the 'wall of flame' candleholders.

I tightened the grouping of tables and poufs so it feels like an island amongst pebbles. To finish it off I added some decorative items to the Hay Bella coffee table. Though I will probably have to move those during the day and back at night as Mika plays endlessly with everything I place on that table. I moved one of the Hay geometric trays down from my master, added a vase from storage that holds a pair of autumn coloured Calla lilies (my favourite flower)  and pictured with my 'wash me' coffee cups. I finally found these at Designlemonade in sale at the Woonbeurs after clumsily dropping mine and swearing endlessly. Total score.

This is my kind of cosy. Still lots of light and winter white but with bit of extra warmth. Now to snuggle in and catch up with some telly watching and popcorn eating!

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