Double minimal desk

One of the spots I want to jazz up is my office. I am a changeaholic and can’t help dreaming of what I would do if there were no rules and no budgets. In that vein I would move my desk on to the landing. While lovely as an art nook, it’s the perfect spot for an office area, close but not in my bedroom despite there being more than enough space. In my forever imagining mind’s eye the current desk spot is where a free standing bath would go (how perfect the spot, being above the bathroom and next to the laundry room). But that’s an idea for another day, month, year, decade…
Back to the desk. A desk that is thin, compact, sleek, minimal and aestheticly pleasing?The Quello table from Phil Proctor. With its sleek design and compact measurements, it is decidedly a double minimal desk, perfect for any minimalist no matter how small the space. There is even a matching stool to keep it absolutely streamlined..

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