Droppin it

Lounging in my bed at 11.33am on a Saturday, drinking coffee, internetting, being lazy and what am I thinking about? Shopping, nope. Groceries and errands, heck no. Breakfast, nah? DDW, maybe just a wee bit.

But if you guessed running, then you got it spot on! Lately more often than not I leave my trainers by the door. A total not-done for my OCD neatness but I need to feel they are waiting for me to throw em on, lace em up and get out that door. My last run of the week is on Sunday and my first on Wensday, the two days between are the longest of the week.

I had a cold this weekend and woke up with a stuffed head and blocked nose (I doubt anyone attained zen with my faucet nose and throat during power yoga) and stomach thing that made me race to the loo when I finally made to the training. But just to step on the track and I feel at home, where I need to be and I don't care if my nose is running and blood is pumping in my ears. It's pumping because I love it.

I often start out with a jacket, which ends up around my waist, followed by a knotted shirt or I just go in my super short shorts and short-sleeved tee, autumn chill or not. And while I am starting to relax in my running and just listen to the sounds around me, I always have my headset because I love to shake, rattle and roll, especially when I need an extra push. 

I'm the crazy chick who is 'dropping it like it's hot' and 'slappin' and mouthing out indecent lyrics with foam build-up in the corners of my mouth while running. People look at me like I lost my marbles..a couple kilometres ago. Someone told me I probably look like I have Tourette syndrome..I probably do.

I love my running, well except the first few agonising minutes. I love the strength I feel. I love the satisfaction I get when I run. I love the power that zings through me during and after. I love the muscles I have. I love how fit, lean and sculpted I look when I look at me. Seriously, bounce a quarter! 

I love my running for the high it gives me. I feel as high as a kite in what I can do, where I can go, how alive I feel, how smoking I look. I love that tomorrow when this post pops up, I will have done a 70 minute run. Drop it like it's hot!

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