Mika's Room

There was a little sneak peek of Mika's bedroom door. This is the rest of the room. Small, cozy and perfectly functional as being soo tight we had a few bits custom made.



The paint on the wall behind the bed reaches across the ceiling from which there are five individual pendants that face upward because of the silver bit. Very indirect and nothing too jarring. Some, but not the complete list of contents; Walnut bed from Warber, the changing table slash multiplex bench is from a local carpenter and the chest of drawers is the Nyvoll from Ikea. The roller blind is from Allumette and the bench cushion is from Kussens. The mobile is from The Butter Flying and the frames are from XL Boom.

The apple cushion is from Oeuf NYC, the planes and hearts one is from Bubynoa and the musical squirrel (bed) and sweet cushion are form Annabel Kern.The elephant which is decorative but also for sitting is an Eames via Big Brands. The hangbags from Gewoon, I love so much they are also in Zoe Isobel's room and the playroom and are via Daily Design. The print is from The Love Shop.

And the best bit... My gorgeous little Mika Dylan Jagger Arts!

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