I’m Lisa, voice behind The Designed Life…. I started blogging in 2010 and started The Designed life in 2012, then named BallerinasBrowniesandBabes. The blog still incorporates all the things I love, from stuffing my face with loads of sweet treats, fun kids things and my love of fashion but also includes interiors I dig including my own. 

I sweat it out several times a week running and with power yoga to compensate for my coffee and sugar addiction, so that’s on here too. And to find/stay inwardly as balanced as in a complicated pose, you’ll find my meditative reflections. Catharsis for all that love of beautiful, well-designed and often less affordable kit that catches my magpie’s eye. That’s The Designed life.. my own interior, fashion, kids, sport, thoughts & food blog. All the bits of me, in one place.

The Designed Life is where I share that which inspires me, as a working urban mom with a passion for sugar, cool kids gear, beautiful modern homes, shoes, Alexander Wang and pushing my own limitations. I hope it inspires you to live your own designed life..

I have been working in IT for years as an adviser despite a light panic attack when my computer gives me an error warning being programming-challenged at best. Those who can’t program, advise. I’m also mom to loveable five year old Zoe Isobel Reina and musically named Mika Dylan Jagger.

Living life in Design!

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