Plywood loft bed plywood loft bed plywood loft bed plywood loft bed

Plywood is my favourite material at the moment. I have a couple of plywood DIY’s I’m working on and so it is safe to say I’m obsessed. And since my baby have literally almost outgrown his crib, I’m planning bedroom redo. So imagine my delight (actual squeals) to discover an online store dedicated to cool kids gear made of, you guessed it, plywood. Love the name PLyRoom, just too cheeky. 
The dream cloud loft bed would be the thing to upgrade the not so huge space. I can see the toy railroad tracks and Lego towers already. Later, a desk an in between an extra bed for sleepovers? This bed allows it all. The fact that it is aesthetically pleasing to the discerning mom's eye is a bonus..

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