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September means summer is all but over. Time to get my butt back in line. ‘Summer bodies are made in the winter’ comes to mind but that’s a story for another day. Let’s just leave it at a need to curb churros in caramel sauce movie nights in bed (or have I said too much already..).

But more importantly same goes for the blog. I updated the template but got summer lazy and still need to work on the details. But that’s not all… This is my blog. It’s my outlet, my reflection. A big part, that I have been uber hesitant to post, is family. I love taking pictures of my kids, of our fun, goofball moments. Then there us the balancing act between feeling like a super hip mom and a total slummy mummy searching desperately for nirvana. Basically the non-glam, down-to-earth crazy happiness and everything in between. Realness with the pretty. So I will be posting pics and writing about that every now and again.

Mondays are food because weekends see me spending oodles of time in my kitchen or searching for fun new food-spiration. Yep, I’m a baker but want to showcase recipes, ideas and products associated with food as well. Plus I cook with the same crazy love of flavor and want to share that too. Flaky empanadas with rum and creamy roasted red pepper sauce anyone? Tuesdays remain for my love of clothes, shoes, accessories, basically anything fashion-oriented. That’s doesn’t change. Except that I will be working in some outfit posts. Every day I stand excitedly in front of the wardrobe. That’s a big part of me, so that belongs here as well. Thursdays is design showcase day. Products, ideas, projects, designers, brands that caught my eye and excite me. Lots of beautiful things but also interiors, architecture and conceptual projects. Fridays are home days. Home is everything and so I’m always busy. Projects, new products but also capturing moments like slow starts on the weekend. Saturdays are my moment of reflection. When I feel crazy, happy, excited, loved up or anything in between, I write.

I’m not promising five posts a week. Heck, I have a job, two kids, a partner, a daily 'work off the caramel churros' exercise routine and I do love a lie-in. But at least you know what The Designed life, my Designed life is about...

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