Homebody meets home proud, that's me. Home is incredibly important to me. It's where I feel safe, comfortable, happy and myself. So I'm pretty much always tweaking and updating it to meet the needs at the moment. Right now, I have an insatiable need for a home. For all four of us. Only recently did I realise how stressed home has been making me. This place, that I made my own, feels less than home.

Between the two of us, we have three houses. Two homes that we don't live in and this rental which I made home for me and the kids. My partner moved in but that's the thing. Since he wasn't here from the get-go, it's not ours. Things gets constantly switched between our places to make space for his and our stuff as opposed to just my stuff. Pretty much every weekend sees the car loaded up with yet more gear. And with summer weather here, we need to travel back and forth more, with all that gear and paraphernalia, To work on his place, to keep it form disintegrating. And to enjoy summer with the kids in the garden that this place misses.

It's driving me looney tunes! Home all of a sudden feels like stop-gap, temporary housing, yet permanent as the other two homes keep us in limbo. Home is so much more than were we eat, sleep and play. And I need it to be, again! It's the place we come back to when we're happy, sick or tired. The place where we dream, discover and grow. Where memories are created. Where we are family. Home.. our nest...our together.

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