Clean start

As much as I love the holiday season, the tree and all the goodies and decor that comes with it, I start getting anxious even before we ring in the new year. We cleared everything holiday out on Monday. And despite looking a bit bare, I’m relieved. In fact, we’re starting a purge. Less stuff! We have stuff from three homes. Things loved or needed. Things purchased on a whim or for a specific purpose. Things, I realize more and more are just things to take care of instead of enhancing life.

I’ve been left reeling a bit this week from several setbacks and disappointments. It’s going to take awhile to find our footing and get back to where we want to be and where we want to go. But we will, because I have the best partner in like ever! Seriously  though, the less stuff we have, the easier it will be. Does that mean morphing into the frugal living blog? Not really, it just means, what we don’t need or use will find a new use or home. And most importantly, whatever comes in has function and longevity. Less stuff, more living!

P.S. The table brush from Iris Hantverk seemed a fitting icon for clearing out. Plus it is one of the few things that I expect we’ll have a need for, for a long time to come..long live the mom files.

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