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I am big into shoes. Always have and probably always will be a shoe chick. I remember when my husband and I moved in to together the amazement he shared with his buddy at the volume of moving boxes containing said articles. Since then I try to keep the collection reasonable by culling every couple months. I however have yet to achieve the one in, one out level of collecting zen.

Anyways, I saw the first pair in the sale section at Asos and could not help myself as I love a pointy, low-cut stiletto. Add the steel heel, thin ankle strap, low price and I’m sold. The only question left was ‘’do I up the ante with a little black dress or work it out with trousers?” Ending up being the former for maximum effect.

The second pair are in a different category all together. Not only in look, but also in price (still a steal). These Alexander Wang booties have the softest, almost suede like soles and are super funky. You can't really see it but the heels have the coolest fin running down the entire length. I had planned on wearing them already, but after the super long work week (reason for the lack of posts) I decided to give my feet a break with ballerinas.

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